Gaurav College Of Education
Affiliated to S.C.E.R.T., Gurgoan and N.C.T.E.


Psychology Lab
Our college has many kind of psychology test and apparatus like :
1General Test of Intelligence01
2Non Verbal Intelligence Test01
3Seguin Form Board Test01
4Problem Solving Ability Test01
5Teacher Effectiveness01
6Teaching Aptitude Test Battery01
7A New Test of Creativity01
8Verbal Concept Formation Test01
9Bell's Adjustment Inv.01
10Introversion Extroversion Inv.01
11School Attitude Inv.01
12Educational Interest Record01
13Vocational Interest Record01
14Muller Layer Illusion with stand01
15Colour Preference Apparatus01
16Mirror drawing Apparatus01
17Human Maze-Pointed01
18Long Term Memory01
19Short Term Memory01
20Tachistoscope App. Falling Door01
21Tachistoscope Card01
22Educational & Psychological chart06
23Finger Maze01
24Galton Bar01
25Finger Maze-T shape01
26Memory Drum App.01
27Attention Board01
28Finger Dixersity Board01
29Steadiness Tester01